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Letter from the President

My name is Christa Acup and I am honored to serve as the 2015 Chapter President of the Zeta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at Missouri State University. Thank you for visiting our webpage and taking the time to learn more about an incredible organization. My hope is that this webpage is a small representation of the powerful sisterhood my sisters and I share in.

Alpha Chi Omega is a sisterhood of more than 200,000 members in more than 130 collegiate chapters and 200 alumnae chapters nationwide. This organization works to mold and grow young college girls into “Real. Strong. Women.” through an inseparable bond that is deeply instilled in the heart of each member. The sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega is truly special, and is a place where women are not only able, but also encouraged, to grow both personally and professionally. As an organization we strive for academic excellence, promote philanthropic work, and remain involved in both our communities and college campuses. Alpha Chi Omega can serve as the platform to excel as you pursue an undergraduate education at Missouri State.

Entering college can be scary and a little overwhelming. Zeta Sigma welcomes college women with open arms and offers them a home away from home. My time in Alpha Chi Omega has been an incredible experience and has opened so many opportunities. I have gained not only my home away from home, but an entire support system that is constantly encouraging and motivating me to be the best version of myself. In Zeta Sigma, I have found the women to whom I can go to with anything and they’ll drop everything. I have found my sisters. I have found my very best friends. The sisterhood that we share is something that simply cannot be explained but can always be felt.

One of my favorite experiences as a member of Alpha Chi Omega is living in our chapter house. There is nothing quite comparable to moving into a beautiful home with fifty-two of your sisters. Let me explain. That is fifty-two closets to pick from, fifty-two women to listen after a rough day, fifty-two brains to help you study, and fifty-two women to master mind the biggest and best pranks. In this house I have laughed until I cried and cried until I laughed! Words cannot express my thankfulness for the memories and relationships I have built within this chapter. Every day I am blessed by the company and compassion of the most ambitious, caring, and inspiring women, and I know that the friendships and memories made with my sisters will last long after my years at Missouri State are over. I can sincerely say that my time in Alpha Chi Omega is not only shaping my college years but my entire future.

When a woman receives her bid to join Alpha Chi Omega, not only does she become a part of a sisterhood that is 130 years strong, she becomes a helping hand in creating a lasting bond. I am so very proud to call myself an Alpha Chi Omega and the sisterhood I am a part of will forever hold a special place in my heart. I hope that you too can see the influence of this incredible organization!



Christa Acup