Letter from the President

My name is Alyson Van Winkle and I am honored to serve as the 2018 Chapter President of the Zeta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at Missouri State University. Thank you for visiting our webpage and taking the time to learn more about our incredible organization. My hope is that this webpage is a small representation of the powerful sisterhood my sisters and I share in.

Alpha Chi Omega is a sisterhood of more than 200,000 members in more than 190 collegiate chapters and 200 alumnae chapters nationwide. This organization works to mold and grow young college girls into “Real. Strong. Women.” through an inseparable bond that is deeply instilled in the heart of each member. The sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega is truly special, and is a place where women are not only able, but also encouraged, to grow both personally and professionally. As an organization, we strive for academic excellence, promote philanthropic work, and remain involved in both our communities and college campuses. Alpha Chi Omega can serve as the platform to excel as you pursue an undergraduate education at Missouri State. Coming to college from my very comfortable life at home was somewhat scary. I was nervous and eager to find a way to fit in somewhere at Missouri State in a way that I could feel important, loved and supported. Accepting my bid from Alpha Chi immediately gave me these connections and led to opportunities which allowed me to become involved on campus as well. It has been my sisters that encouraged me to keep trying even when I had failed, that told me it was going to be okay after I finished a difficult test and that went and got ice cream with me when I had a rough day. Zeta Sigma is a special group of women where we are accepted and welcomed with open arms. We are encouraged to learn and grow to become the best versions of ourselves during our collegiate years. Zeta Sigma is my second family, my home away from home, my support system and my future bridesmaids. The sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega is real, strong, powerful, and unexplainable, but can always be felt.

Being a member of Alpha Chi Omega, I have gained countless fond memories with my sisters. Some are hilarious, some heartwarming and some are plain odd. My favorite memories have come from living in the gorgeous mansion on Cherry Street. Living with 52 women calls for many late-night dance parties, a packed bathroom as we get ready before formals, and some interesting conversations to be had over meals. In this house, I have laughed until I cried, stayed up way too late watching movies, studied until my brain can no longer think and celebrated an undefeated intramural flag football season. I am so blessed to be experiencing this life in a beautiful house with 52 of the strongest, funniest and most encouraging women I know. I am confident that the memories made in this home are the ones I will be reminiscing on for the rest of my life. I can sincerely say that my time in Alpha Chi Omega is not only shaping my college years, but my entire future. I am finally becoming the real strong woman I was always meant to be with these amazing women by my side. When a woman receives her bid to join Alpha Chi Omega, not only does she become a part of a sisterhood that is 133 years strong, she becomes a helping hand in creating a lasting bond. I am so very proud to call myself an Alpha Chi Omega and the sisterhood I am a part of will forever hold a special place in my heart. I hope that you too can see the influence of this incredible organization!


Alyson Van Winkle