Joining a Sorority

Being a part of sorority life is a wonderful experience and Alpha Chi Omega is excited that you are considering going through the Formal Recruitment process here at Missouri State University. The friends and memories that you will make during this weekend are some that you will hold true to our hearts and we cannot wait for you to experience it!

The weekend-long festivities of recruitment are always hectic. However, as chaotic as those four days of recuitment may be, it is all worth it in the end when you run out of the student union through North Mall and see the letters of the house you chose and your new sisters screaming and cheering your name. It is the best feeling ever, and Alpha Chi Omega hopes everyone that goes through recruitment ends up with that feeling!

The women of Alpha Chi Omega are extremely well-rounded and no matter the occasion you will always find a sister to join along! Whether you're going to the library, wanting to take a run, have a fun night out, go on a late night ice cream run, or just stay in to relax and watch a movie, you will always have someone there. The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega will always be there for you not only to hang out but when you need them and their support the most. Fate made us best friends but Alpha Chi Omega made us sisters.

We hope that you find happiness like we have no matter which chapter you choose to go into in our FSL Community! We are so excited for each and every one of you to experience this wonderful opportunity that will change your life forever! So have fun, be yourself, and enjoy every minute of recruitment! Your happily ever after starts now!

Alpha Chi Omega participates in Formal Recruitment every fall semester. This year's recruitment will take place August 24th through August 28th, 2018.

For more information and to register for recruitment online, please visit

We look forward to meeting all of the women who participate!

The Membership Selection Process

When a woman accepts a bid for membership in Alpha Chi Omega, she is welcomed and accepted as she is, and she will never be expected to fit a specific mold. Potential new members are selected for membership in Alpha Chi Omega after meeting our five national standards of membership. The sisters of Alpha Chi, Zeta Sigma Chapter included, all exemplify to the best of our ability the personal qualities of character, leadership, academic interest, personal development and financial responsibility.

Alpha Chi Omega Membership Criteria

  • Academic Interest

    Alpha Chi Omega believes in the importance of intellectual development and encourages sound scholarship and intellectual achievement.

  • Character

    Alpha Chi Omega expects members to accept and reflect moral integrity and dignity, social awareness, and fraternity loyalty.

  • Financial Responsibility

    Alpha Chi Omega expects members to be responsible for the prompt payment of all dues and fees and other financial commitments.

  • Leadership Ability

    Alpha Chi Omega believes that character, personality, and leadership are developed through participation in campus activities and encourages each collegian to be interested in her community.

  • Personal Development

    Alpha Chi Omega believes in the development of members in their cultural appreciation, the social awareness, and personal presentation.